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West Bridge Phonics program is a scientifically designed, Children Centric Multisensory method of developing English reading, speaking and spelling skills.

West Bridge phonics program is an effective alternative to the conservative approach of teaching and learning English spellings that relieve on look and say method.

West Bridge Phonics program offers enrollment opportunities for children from 4 yrs of age and above.

The Unique Program ensures quantifiable and tangible improvement in the abilities of the child that is continuous and progressive.

Phonic 1-Age-4-5yrs

 Introducing the Consonant and Vowel Sounds, Matching Sounds with pictures and Identifying the letters, Writing Skills, Listening and responding to stories, Activities related to phonic and phonological awareness.

Phonic 2-Age-6-8yrs

Learning Blending sounds and reading words, Consonant Blends and Tricky words,Dictation,Creative writing, Picture talks and Sentence writing, Retelling Stories, Comprehending the language etc..

Phonic 3-Age-8yrs&above

Rigorous practice of parts of speech, Active and Passive voice, Tenses and other concepts of grammar,Phrasal Verbs, How to avoid common mistakes, Group Discussion, Essay writing etc..

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