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Art Program

Artspot is a venture by Life & Art Academy to spike the interest in art among young children. At their budding age, our courses will help develop their motor skills, patience and overall personalities. Engaging them in learning clay art, drawing and painting, sculpting, pottery and other art forms is a much better way to occupy their young minds, rather than through television and other digital distractions of today’s world.When the creativity of children is tapped at an early age through such hands-on activities, they have the opportunity of understanding the different nuances in the world of art and can choose to take it up as a hobby or professionally later in their lives.

At Artspot, we offer three art courses for children between the ages of 7 – 12 years:

Budding Whiz– Age:3-7yrs -Connecting Dots, Drawing shapes and shapes oriented objects, Alphabet & Number drawing, Coloring etc..Mediums used: Crayons, Color pencil, Oil pastels, Water color cakes.

Emergent Sketcher– Age-8-11yrs -Composition of drawing using shapes, Creative drawing, Thematic drawing etc…Mediums used: Poster colors, oil pastels.

Young Artist– Age-12-14yrs -Realistic drawing using shapes and grids, Lighting and Shading, Still Life, Conceptual drawings etc…Mediums Used: Pen, Shading Pencils, Color pencils.

Pro Maestro– Age-15yrs&above – Drawing Still life, Texture painting Medium used: Water colors, Acrylic, Oil .

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