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Brain Park provides the Concepts of student Super-Learning & Easy teaching with guidance.

The benefits to the children and students are proven in bringing the better activation of their thinking, Analyzing, creating and decision making skills.

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As a franchise of Brain Park, you will be having constant support through various resources like training, marketing techniques, setting up the office, advertising tips and maintenance of website etc. These will help you establish and grow your business

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Brain Park (An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution) invites energetic, aggressive individuals, businessmen and women entrepreneur working with children always is challenging - and very satisfying!

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To Enhance Curricular, Co-curricular Skills in Children who would be the Torch Bearers of Our Tomorrows Change. Brain Park fosters a Stimulating and Creative Environment aimed to Nurture and Nourish the Social, Emotional, Physical and Intellectual Development of Each Child.


We provide quality school education for our students, to develop their potential to the full and to prepare them for the challenges in life. We deliver professional services and ensure effective use of resources.


Brain Park Offers Various Skill development Programs which takes an intergenerational approach to putting children on a positive trajectory for success in school and in life.


Arts and Crafts are vital tools that engage Children Senses in open ended Play and Stimulates the development of Cognitive, Social-emotional and Multisensory Skills

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West Bridge phonics program is an effective alternative to the conservative approach of teaching and learning English spellings that relieve on look and say method.

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A person’s handwriting is a reflection of one’s own personality. A good handwriting often symbolizes positive attributes like dedication, meticulous approach, self confidence

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